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Online Shop Stickerpoint - Panini Stickers & Albums

Welcome to Stickerpoint your Online Shop for Panini stickers and collector's sticker albums focusing on the Football World Cup, the EURO, the German national league, the Champions League and many more. We made it our mission to give all collectors of the popular stickers the opportunity to enlarge their collection or to complete their album. And all of this comfortably from your own home - simply putting the items in the shopping basket, order and your Panini album will be send to you safely packed. The demands we place on ourselves are: top quality at fair prices and full customer satisfaction.

Being passionate collectors ourselves, we know exactly what our customers wish. Hence, it is our constant concern to ensure that all products, offered in our online shop for Panini stickers, are of impeccable quality.

At Stickerpoint you will find, above all, a large selection of football Panini sticker collections like

  • Panini FIFA World Cup,
  • Panini UEFA EURO,
  • Panini UEFA Champions League,
  • Panini FIFA 365,
  • Panini Bundesliga,
  • Panini Copa America,
  • Panini Champions of Europe,
  • Panini Club Collections,
  • and many more.

Whatever you are looking for, an album, stickers, packets, displays, starter sets, updates, special stickers or multipacks, a well sorted shop for Panini products has all of these products in its assortment. Standard items are often not sufficient for the sophisticated collector, therefore a broad spectrum should be offered. Here, in our online store, there is great chance that you will find your desired product, given the fact that we also offer rarities.

Panini FIFA World Cup Stickers in the Online Shop

The most popular stickers and albums - with by far the highest number of editions - are the stickers released on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup. They are highly in demand in our shop due to the fact that shopping on the internet is, on the one hand, comfortable, on the other hand, the well-priced offers are very attractive. Long before the actual tournament, the collecting fever begins here and the fans of Panini stickers are busy ordering and filling their shopping cart.

Most recently, the collecting and swapping has already begun in March, i.e. about three months prior to the whistle of the opening match. Added to this was the fact that in many cities nationwide a Panini swap meet took place. This also means, that many already completed their album even before the beginning of the tournament and therefore, could leaf through the album during the course of the matches.

As many different versions as possible of packets, albums, displays, special stickers and updates are offered.

Above all, also editions from other countries which have different characteristics (e.g. with regard to color, content etc.) enjoy great popularity. This was particularly striking at the Panini FIFA World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. Here, there are sticker packets in many different colors, of which you can order many in the online store Stickerpoint, specialized in Panini stickers and albums. Here you find an overview in tabular form of some examples (with no claim to completeness):

Color Countries
Yellow Germany, Austria
Green Eastern Europe
White Belgium
Pink Thailand, Russia, China, Italy
Silver (Platinum) Switzerland, Scandinavia
Silver (Hologram) Brazil, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Israel, Netherlands
Gold Argentina
Yellow (diagonally, 7 Stickers) USA / Canada
Blue (Lidl) Germany, France

Buy stickers for the EURO online

Also very popular - however, a little further down the ranking - are the albums by Panini for the UEFA EURO. This is due to the fact that the FIFA World Cup enjoys worldwide attention, whereas the EURO is rather popular in Europe. The same applies for the Copa America, that, in the same way, predominantly stirs up enthusiasm in South America.

Confirmed Panini Collectors want to buy all big sticker collections, if possible and have the best opportunity to do so here in our Online Shop. At Stickerpoint you find almost everything from the complete sticker collection, albums and packets through to special stickers for the Football EURO; this particularly applies in the case of the EM 2016. For the EURO 2016, you can find various packet versions, specials stickers, different albums.

Champions League, National League and Club Collection

Also worth mentioning, if, however, also with a lot less importance, the Panini Collection for the CL, National League and for the Clubs. Even though they have a considerable fan base, they are not comparable with the above mentioned in terms of popularity and produced quantity. Thus, they are purchased less frequently. Nevertheless, a professional Panini internet shop is obliged have them in stock.

For the sake of completeness, it is to mention that, for the CL and National League, no longer Panini, but Topps, has the license rights. This is the case for the National League since 2009 and for the CL since 2015. The Panini Club Collection is still available for the following clubs:

  • VfB Stuttgart
  • Hertha BSC Berlin
  • FC Schalke 04
  • FC Bayern München
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Hamburger SV

The latest German version is currently the album "FC Schalke 04 - Der geilste Club der Welt in 204 Sammelbildern" which means translated to English "FC Schalke 04 - The most outstanding Club of the World in 204 collector's stickers" (status: March 2017). You can purchase them in the online shop while stocks last.

Collectible stickers on various topics

Of course also stickers on other topics can be obtained from Stickerpoint. These include inter alia:

  • Film & TV,
  • Cartoon & Comic,
  • Collections of cities

Nowadays, with many big blockbuster movies and animated series, a sticker collection with an album is released. These are almost exclusively swapped and stuck by children, whereas Panini Football albums are often also ordered by adults at Stickerpoint.

Panini Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards

Since the EURO 2016, the Panini Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards Collection is also available at Stickerpoint. Particularly pupils like to put them in their shopping cart and swap them in the school yard. In Contrast to the stickers, there is no album for the Panini Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards, but collector's folders with packets which hold the stickers.

Especially popular, is also the Panini FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards Collection that exists since 2016 and that very successfully continued in 2017. For the FIFA 365 2017 there are many limited edition cards, that can manly be found in Blisters and premium packets.

Advantages of the Online Plattform Stickerpoint selling Panini, Topps etc.

The biggest advantage of a specialized Panini stickers online shop is the larger range of products in comparison to a kiosk or other shops. While you can usually only find the normal, country-specific boxes, packets and collector's albums there, in the well-assorted shop for Panini stickers you can also put exotic and rare product versions into your shopping basket.

At Stickerpoint you benefit from low prices and substantial discounts.

Another benefit valued by customers, are the great deals and the low-priced articles on discount. Often, in the store you pay the RRP (recommended retail price) suggested by the manufacturer for albums and sticker packets. In our Stickerpoint Shop for Panini albums, you benefit from attractive discounts.