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Panini Sticker + Album online shop with a huge range of collections, displays & packets

Welcome to, your online shop for Panini sticker albums and collections relating to Football World Cup, European Championship, Bundesliga, Champions League + more. We have made it our mission to offer to all collectors of the popular adhesive stickers the opportunity to expand their collection or to complete their album. And all from home easily - just order online and your item will be sent to you safely packed. Our claims in this case are: Top quality at fair prices and customer satisfaction.

Because we are passionate collectors ourselves, we know exactly what our customers want. Thus we always make sure to offer you all of our products in perfect quality. For every collector wants to have his Panini album and stickers in the best possible condition.

Panini stickers fascinate young and old

Panini stickers have always had a great fascination. This seems to be the age and gender does not matter. Whether young or old, male or female, collector of Panini stickers are everywhere.

Usually the collective fever already starts in childhood, but there are certainly cases where a passion grows much later. But they all have one thing in common: the enthusiasm when opening the sticker packets, the excitement which Panini stickers are in it and whether they are still missing in the album.

People used to go to buy the packages almost exclusively at the newsagent or at the kiosk on the corner. Nowadays, you can of course buy Panini stickers online, e.g. right here with us on

Panini stickers in top quality

Since the collection Panini Euro 2000, you can be sure that the stickers contained in the offer were only removed from the packets for sorting issues. Then each series is stored in ziplock packets, which offers optimal protection and allows long-time storage without loss of quality. When it comes to World Cup collections we offer every series since Panini World Cup France 98.

Album and Sticker rarities of Panini

In older series a brand new, absolutely flawless quality of the stickers or the album cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, we explicitly mention in all our old products (Panini Panini World Cup 1970-1994 / European Championships 1980-2000) the particular condition. The range varies from BAD to MINT.

With us you know exactly what you're getting and you remain spared from unpleasant surprises. Our motto is: "Nobody is perfect"! Should you nevertheless need to be dissatisfied, please let us know via email or our contact form. In this way we can continuously improve our service.

We are constantly working to expand our offerings. If you do not find an article, you should stop by again soon. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter which informs you about interesting new products and special offers. We are happy to answer specific requests for individual stickers or a specific album about Panini football.

And now have fun on our site!

- Your team