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Panini World Cup 2018 stickers collection - what can we expect?

There will be several interesting and exciting Panini collections around FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, whether stickers or trading cards. Here at Stickerpoint you will find out all the news and facts about what a collector needs to know. We supply you with current information, e.g. about Panini Road to World Cup 2018 and Panini Confederations Cup 2017. Here you will find all important facts and exclusive photos directly after public release.

Of course you can buy all products - albums, sticker packets, displays/boxes, starter-sets, etc. - in our online-shop. The next weeks and months will be very exciting, because the first collections are already about to be released. This makes the collector's heart skip a beat for sure. As soon as we can provide reliable data of the respective series, we will immmediately start presale. Thus you can comfortably order for example your Panini Road to World Cup 2018 stickers from your home in the Stickerpoint online-shop.

Panini Road to World Cup 2018

As one might have thought, collecting already starts in 2017 with Panini Road to World Cup 2018 series. It is definitely clear that there will be both Panini Road to Russia 2018 stickers collection and Adrenalyn XL trading cards game (TCG) as a foretaste of the next FIFA Football World Cup. Panini Road to World Cup 2018 will be about the favourites of the qualifiers for the final round in Russia. This means that teams like Germany, Brasil, Spain etc. are very likely to appear in the Panini Road to 2018 album.

Panini Road to World Cup 2018 stickers collection

According to the last Panini Road to World Cup stickers collection, this year's edition will roughly comprise between 400 and 500 stickers. Based on official information there will be 480 stickers. Therefore, the Panini Road to World Cup 2018 album will cover 64 pages with space for players from 30 countries, including

  • Germany,
  • Brasil,
  • Argentina,
  • Italy,
  • France,
  • Portugal,
  • The Netherlands, etc.

Probably there will again be no badges, team photos, stadiums- and/or shiny stickers, but only - as before - images of football players.

Each team inside Panini Road to World Cup 2018 stickers album will be presented on two to three pages. The smaller associations will rather have two and the bigger football nations three. An order form might be included as well, since it belongs to the standard by now.

Each packet contains five stickers and the price is 0,70 € per packet. A whole Panini Road to World Cup 2018 display has 50 packets per box.

ⓘ Release date of Panini Road to World Cup 2018 stickers collection: March, 28th 2017

Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards

Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards series is estimated to consist of 477 cards; thereof 101 special cards, grouped as follows:

  • 12 x Defensive Rock
  • 12 x Key Player
  • 12 x Goal Machine
  • 35 x Fans Favourite
  • 16 x Game Changer
  • 9 x Expert
  • 5 x Top Player

In each regular booster there will be 6 cards and a box contains 50 boosters. That makes 300 Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL cards per display in total.

Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL packet Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL booster

There will also be a Premium booster containing 10 cards: 6 base, 3 special und 1 limited edition card. Again, the Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL blister is a special highlight. Each blister includes 5 boosters plus a random special card plus one of these 15 different limited edition cards:

  • Sergio Agüero / Argentina
  • Philippe Coutinho / Brasil
  • Falcao / Colombia
  • Viktor Fischer / Denmark
  • Jamie Vardy / England
  • David de Gea / Spain
  • Dimitri Payet / France
  • Antonio Candreva / Italy
  • Alexander Isak / Sweden
  • Arjen Robben / The Netherlands
  • Luka Modric / Croatia
  • Ádám Szalai / Hungary
  • Lukasz Piszczek / Poland
  • Niklas Moisander / Finland
  • Yann Sommer / Switzerland

You can be curious about how many limited edition cards there will be regarding Panini Road to 2018 Adrenalyn XL series and how to get these. Normally you will find them

  • in boxes,
  • in blisters,
  • in magazines,
  • in Premium (Gold) boosters,
  • in tins,
  • in multi-packs,
  • or in starter-sets
Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Tin Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Mini-Tin

Like in previous trading card series there is a Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL starter-set including a collector's folder and several extras, like game board, rules, 5 packets, limited edition card (Lionel Messi), special card. Furthermore you can expect special features like tins, Premium packets, multi-packs, pocket tins etc., which also include various special cards. For example the mini-tin contains Kevin de Bruyne and the big tin provides Andres Iniesta.

Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Premium packet Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Premium Gold packet

The Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Premium Gold packet will be an absolute novelty. It contains 10 cards in total, including 2 limited edition cards + 1 limited edition online-card. This card can only be used in the online game of RTWC 2018 Adrenalyn XL. There you can activate a top player with the code form the card and then play with him online. The Panini RTWC 2018 Adrenalyn XL Premium Gold packet will be even more expensive than the regular Premium booster. Nevertheless it will be absolutely essential for experienced collectors to buy at least one Premium Gold packet.

ⓘ Release date of Panini Road to World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL: April, 24th 2017

Panini World Cup 2018 album

Panini World Cup 2018

Football conquers new countries. For the first time a FIFA Football World Cup takes place in Russia. It's the biggest country on earth and extends across eleven time zones. Therefore, the Panini World Cup 2018 stickers collection will in a certain sense be a premiere.

The venue of the meanwhile 21st final round will take place from 2018-06-14 to 2018-07-15. Overall, there will be 32 teams from as much countries participating in the tournament. Confederations Cup 2017 (2017-06-17 to 2017-07-02) is the full dress rehearsal for the 2018 World Cup. In parallel to this event the "Road to World Cup 2018" collection is released for both stickers and Adrenalyn XL trading cards. Maybe it is a reference to the look of the Panini World Cup 2018 album.

There is already much speculation about how the Panini World Cup 2018 album is built up. According to the official FIFA World Cup 2018 logo it will be dominated by the color red. The logo shows a conventionalized Cup, which is desgined in the colors of the Russian flag. It comprises three star spangled circles in blue. These circles represent the sky and thus the outer space.

At the bottom of the cup you can see cheering people. As you can see, the logo is characterised by symbols of aerospace and icon painting. It can be expected that the Panini World Cup 2018 stickers album will strongly focus on the logo.

Basic facts - what impact do they have on Panini World Cup 2018 album?

Some data and facts about World Cup 2018 in Russia are already known. The venues for the matches have yet been announced and the stadiums are currently constructed. Football World Cup 2018 takes place in a total of twelve stadiums. They will most likely be represented as stickers in the Panini World Cup 2018 album. The Olympic Stadium of Luschniki in Moscow is intended to be venue for the opening game and the final match. These are all the twelve venues:

  • Central Stadium (Ekaterinburg)
  • Arena Baltika (Kaliningrad)
  • Kasan-Arena (Kazan)
  • Nizhny Nowgorod Stadium (Nischni Nvgorod)
  • Olympic Stadium (Luschniki - Moscow)
  • Spartak Stadium (Moskau)
  • Levberdon Arena (Samara)
  • Samara Stadium (Rostow)
  • Yubileyniy Stadium (Saransk)
  • Olympic Stadium Sochi (Sochi)
  • Gazprom-Arena (St. Petersburg)
  • Central Stadium (Volgograd)
World Cup 2018: Spartak Stadium Moscow
World Cup 2018: Spartak Stadium Moscow

Qualifying rounds - who will make it in the Panini World Cup 2018 album?

The qualification rounds for the Russia 2018 FIFA Football World Cup are yet fixed. In the qualifying 141 teams will fight for the move-in into the final round of the tournament. Those teams who successfully master this difficult challenge can be sure to appear in the Panini World Cup 2018 album. The distribution of the 32 starting slots is according to following table.

Association (continent)TeamsStarting slots
UEFA (Europe)5414 (incl. Russia)
CAF (Africa)535
AFC (Asia + Australia)454 or 5
CONMEBOL (South America)104 or 5
CONCACAF (North/Central America + Caribbean)353 or 4
OFC (Oceania)110 or 1

Mascot Zabivaka™ and his meaning for Panini World Cup 2018 stickers collection

Mascot World Cup 2018 - Wolf Tiger Cat

From September, 23rd 2016 fans could vote for the mascot of the forthcoming Russia 2018 Football World Cup through an online vote. Three candidates, which have been determined out of more than 100 applicants in presets, stood for election. Thereby a wolf, a cat and a tiger prevailed.

On 21st of October 2016 the results of the online vote have been announced within a colourful broadcast in Russian TV. The winner was quite clearly the wolf (52,8%) followed by the tiger (approx. 26,8%) and the tomcat (approx. 20,4%). At the same time the name of the mascot was revealed: Zabivaka™, which means "small goal scorer" in Russian.

Mascot World Cup 2018 Russia Zabivaka

Mascot Zabivaka™ has a frinedly smile and wears orange-red ski glasses on his head. He also wears red sport pants and a white jersey with blue sleeves and the overprint "Russia 2018". On all existing illustrations he has a football either under his arm or at his foot. Zabivaka™ will characterise the Panini World Cup 2018 album in any way. Either as stickers or as illustration on pages.

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