Topps Match Attax 101 Trading Cards

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Topps Match Attax 101 2019/20 Trading Cards

Only in Match Attax 101 2019/20 are the best players in Europe from the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League united. A total of over 200 Match Attax 101 trading cards can be collected, including many special trading cards:

  • The top 101 players from UCL and UEL
  • Other stars of European football
  • The team of the season
  • The youth players of the season
  • Golden moments
  • Exclusive and limited cards
  • Plus: the best players of the season from the UEFA Women's Champions League

The special highlight of the Topps Match Attax 101 2019/20 trading cards is the ranking of the 101 best players from place 101 to place 1. The cards are designed differently and the best players are honored with special glitter cards. The cards of the top 30 players are also special sticker cards. This means that there is an additional sticker on the respective card.

This sticker can be stuck into the matching sticker album from the starter pack, so that an incomparable souvenir is created. In addition, the "Golden Moments" can also be pasted into the Topps Match Attax 101 2019/20 sticker album.

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