Panini Euro 2008 Switzerland AT

Panini Euro 2008 Switzerland AT


Panini Sticker collection Panini EURO 2008

2008 was the first time that a European Football Championship was held in Austria and in Switzerland. The football matches of the EURO took place in eight different cities. Along with their hosts, millions of spectators created a great atmosphere and a phenomenal sporting event. This EURO had the motto "Live emotions" and that is precisely what the fans and spectators could feel and experience.

The collector's album Panini EURO 2008

The collector's album Panini EURO 2008 is white. This color refers to the mountaintops and symbolizes the white of the snow. The snow, one of the central characteristic features of the two nations, inspired Panini.

The logo of this EURO 2008 is on the cover of the Panini album. The mountains play a key role not only in the choice of color but also in the logo. It shows the stylized mountainscapes of the host countries Switzerland and Austria. In the center of the logo is a football. The emblem is predominantly colored in white and red. The ball has a green core that symbolizes the closeness to nature of both nations.

Fascinated by these features Panini incorporated them into the design of this album. The result was a 64-page album that underlines and emphasizes the originality and the passion of football.

The sticker packet

In every packet, there are 5 images. The Panini EURO 2008 album is complete when all of the 535 images are stuck into it. The packets are color matched to the album. However, their edges are colored differently which present the different versions.


The EURO 2008 in Austria and in Switzerland was as varied and unique as the Panini sticker collection of the same name. In the following you can get an overview of the specific features of this sticker collection:

  • In total, there are 5 different packets that can be distinguished based on the country and color of the edge:
    • The packets for the German market have a red edge;
    • The packets of South America have a matte edge and sparkle in the center; in addition to that on the top left you can find the lettering "Contiene 5 Figuritas";
    • The packets for the Eastern European market have a green glittery edge;
    • The international version is matte green;
    • In Switzerland they have a red edge and the lettering "Svizzeria - Suisse - Schweiz" is printed on the packets.
  • The images of the Swiss edition have a red back, whereas the versions of all the other countries have a black back.
  • In addition to the normal images (1-535), the Swiss packets contain special stickers that are marked by the numbers P1-P20. These can be stuck on a poster in the middle of the album that can only be found in the Swiss album.
  • The sticker that shows the Pole Pawel Golanski with the number 240 was a misprint at first. Initially, the wrong portrait was printed on the sticker. The right, the so called "real" Golanski only appeared in a later edition.
  • Additionally, there is an Update of 32 images that Panini printed subsequently.

Experience the joy of collecting

In our online shop Stickerpoint you can find Panini Euro 2008 albums, stickers, factory sealed boxes with 100 packets in a display and the different versions of packets. Like with many other series offered by us, you can buy the complete pre-sorted sticker set at Stickerpoint. We also give you the opportunity to choose between various album versions. Experience yourself what it means to collect and live the passion of football.

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