• Topps Champions League Best of the Best 2020/21 Multipack
    Topps Champions League Best of the Best 2020/21 Multi-Pack
  1. Topps Champions League Best of the Best 2020/21 Multipack

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Product description

Multipack with 3 packets + 1 of 5 different exclusive cards of "Topps Champions League Best of the Best 2020/21" Trading Cards collection. Each packet contains 7 supersize premium cards.

What is UCL Best of the Best? "Best of the Best" is an innovative new collection from Topps that showcases the top performers from real UEFA Champions League matches in an exciting new supersize premium trading card format.

"Best of the Best" is carefully structured and layered with interesting multi-themed subcategories that enable collectors to dive deep into all the different areas of the game from striker's shooting accuracy levvels, to goalkeeper's shot-stopping ability.

"Best of the Best" cards highlight the high-performance levels that players deliver on a game-by-game basis and bring fans closer to the action than ever.

"Best of the Best" will appeal to football fans of all ages and it is carefully designed to reach a new wave of collectors who are looking to graduate from mass market trading cards to sophisticated hobby-style collectables.

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